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  1. Renu Incandescent Dimmer REI06, for Single Pole, 3-way or more Applications, 600W

    Renu Incandescent Dimmer REI06, for Single Pole, 3-way or more Applications, 600W

    Price range:
    $26.80 - $30.89
    Color Availability
    20 colors available
    Avg. Rating: 3.5 stars
  2. Incandescent Dimming Occupancy Sensor, 600-Watt, Single Pole or 3-Way, IPSD6-1LZ
  3. 1000W Vizia RF ZWave Universal Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer, White/Ivory/Light Almond, VRMX1
  4. IllumaTech Incandescent Dimmer with LED Locator, 600-Watt 120-Volt AC, White/Ivory/Light Almond, IPI06-1LZ
  5. Mini Meter in Small NEMA 4X Enclosures, 120/240V, 2PH, 3W, 200:0.1A, 1 kWh Resolution, Mechanical Counters, 6S201-B02
  6. Current Transformers, 100A, Blue/Red/Black, 1 Each, 100:0.1A, 0.67
  7. Current Transformers, 200A, Blue/Red/Black, 1 Each, 200:0.1A, 0.72
  8. Three Element Sub-Meter, Max 200A, Series 2000, 120/240/208V, 3PH, 4W, Line-to-Line, 200:0.1A ratio, Indoor Surface Mount Enclosure, 2N208-21
  9. Decora 500W Incandescent, 400VA, Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor, Single Pole and 3-Way, White, PR180-1LW
  10. 5-10-15-30 Minute Countdown Timer Switch, Preset, Decora 1800W Incandescent/20A Resistive-Inductive 1HP, White/Ivory/Light Almond, LTB30-1LZ
  11. Single-Pole and 3-Way, ToggleTouch Preset Digital Incandescent ToggleTouch Dimmer, Various Colors Available, TGI06-1L
  12. Vizia + 1800W Incandescent, 15A Resistive, Inductive 1HP 24-Hour Timer with Astronomical Clock, White/Ivory/Light Almond, VPT24-1PZ
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