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A-Bus Hub and Volume Controls and JBL Speakers Kit

  • $1,635.22

For use with the HKAVR A/V Receiver to distribute a second assigned audio source to up to four rooms/zones equipped with A-Bus volume controls. The A-Bus system topology enables an Audio/Video Receiver also to operate a complete multi-room amplified system from a single location. The hub connects to the Harman/Kardon AVR's multi-room output jacks to receive the assigned audio source and distributes that signal to the A-Bus volume controls located in different rooms. The hub supplies power to the entire A-Bus system as well as manages IR remote-control signal routing. Harman/Kardon offers the ability to connect with an A-BUS hub and amplified volume controls. This makes it possible to add multi-room music distribution right off the back of a compatible receiver. The 4-zone A-BUS hub connects quickly and easily to the compatible interface port on the back of the advanced HKAVR receiver.

Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL speaker systems are sure to bring the home theater experience to a whole new level. When room aesthetics are critical, the Leviton/JBL AEC65 and AEC80 Ceiling Speakers may be used in surround-sound installations. The JBL low-diffraction swivel tweeter makes it easy for the installer to optimize the sound field for a particular listening room's geometry. Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL In-Ceiling Speaker.


  • (1) HKABH Leviton Architectural Edition Powered By JBL A-Bus Hub 4-Zone System Expansion
  • (4) HKABV Leviton Architectural Edition Powered By JBL-Amplified In-Wall A-Bus Volume Controls
  • (4) Architectural Edition powered by JBL In-Ceiling Speakers, 6.5 Inch Speaker Size
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