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Wireless Omnistat2 Conventional & Heat Pump Thermostat, RC-1000ZB - Leviton

Wireless Omnistat2 Conventional & Heat Pump Thermostat, RC-1000ZB

  • $261.25

Omnistat2 thermostats are the latest generation of programmable communicating thermostats and provide precise digital temperature control over your HVAC system. Use the Omnistat2 thermostat to control loads such as pool pumps, fountains, and more. What makes Omnistat2 stand above its competition is they use advanced digital technology to learn the heating/cooling patterns of your home to control the equipment for maximum efficiency and comfort. Connect to the MicroControl, 81A00-2WHZB to form a comprehensive wireless energy management system. Omnistat2 thermostats have an automatic heat/cool changeover. The Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort. The scroll wheel adjusts temperature quickly. Omnistat2 thermostats do not require batteries to retain their settings and time. The proximity/motion detector lights the screen up to one of 100 different colors when it’s approached. The Omnistat2 can display outdoor temperature, humidity and HVAC usage/energy consumption by week. The Omnistat2 may be used stand-alone or with a home control system. You can set back the equipment when the house is not occupied and save on your energy costs. The built-in vacation mode restores temperatures before arriving home. Omnistat2 thermostats allow you to have a different program option for every day of the week. Add to your home control system to get comprehensive energy management capabilities. Control your thermostat through a Console or Keypad, OmniTouch family Touchscreens, telephones (with voice response) and over the Internet using software from HAI.

  • Full warranty and technical support provided by Leviton
  • Single Stage including gas, oil, steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, and electric
  • Form a comprehensive stand-alone energy management system
  • Program a different option for everyday of the week
  • Utilizes ZigBee Pro Home Automation Profile for wireless communication.
For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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