15-Amp Tamper-Resistant AFCI Receptacle, AFTR1


Color: White

Leviton's new Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) AFCI Receptacle, a market first, is designed to identify potentially dangerous arc-faults within a home's electrical system and respond by interrupting power to help prevent arc-faults that may lead to a fire. The device features a TEST and RESET button on the face of the receptacle. This offers homeowners the convenience of localized control. The Leviton OBC AFCI Receptacle provides feed-through protection and is able to detect downstream arc-faults, both parallel and series, as well as upstream series arc-faults. Often unseen, arc-faults can occur anywhere in the home's electrical system including within walls, at loose electrical connections or within electrical cords accidently damaged by furniture resting or pressing on them. Due to the fact that arc-faults are generally not visible it is important to have a means to detect a potential problem in a home's wiring. The Leviton OBC AFCI Receptacle is an ideal solution - it installs easily in a standard wallbox and may be used for new construction and retrofit applications.

Contains one Leviton AFTR1 Outlet Branch Circuit AFCI Receptacle, 15A-120V, 20A feed-through, with wallplate.

  • Identifies potentially dangerous arc-faults and responds by interrupting power
  • Easily installs as replacement for standard receptacle. TEST and RESET button on receptacle face for localized testing
  • Tamper-Resistant ' shutter mechanism inside the receptacle helps prevent access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted
  • Meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time for both series and parallel arcs
  • Can be used to meet NEC requirements for Arc-Fault protection in new circuits, circuit modifications or extensions, or replacement receptacles

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Color: White