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300-Watt Incandescent, 150-Watt LED/CFL Vacancy Sensor (Manual ON/Auto OFF), Single Pole, IPV02-1L

  • $25.84

Lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living by replacing standard switches with vacancy sensors.

Leviton's IPV02 Vacancy Sensor Switch requires the user to manually turn the lights ON when you enter a room; but the lights will automatically turn OFF when you leave. This sensor is convenient in high traffic areas such as hallways, childrens rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms where people as well as pets pass through often to ensure that the lights are not left ON unnecessarily for hours at a time. It uses "passive infrared technology" which responds to the infrared heat people naturally emit to monitor a specific area. When this "heat" is sensed, the lights will stay ON in the room. When you leave the room and this “heat” is no longer sensed the lights will automatically turn OFF. Features time delay settings of 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes for automatic OFF. For example, closet lighting would ideally be set to turn off in 5 minutes while a bathroom fan may be set to turn off 15 minutes after the space is vacated. Leviton vacancy sensors are a simple, cost effective way to save energy in your home. Compatible with Decora® screwless snap-on wallplates (sold separately).

  • Manual ON/Automatic OFF provides 180-Degree field of view and 900 square feet of coverage
  • 300W Incandescent/Halogen, 150W LED/CFL, 200VA Fluorescent, 1/6HP Motor loads
  • California Title 20/24 Compliant
  • Fits in standard wallbox and replaces single-pole wall switch. No Neutral wire required for installation but ground wire is required
  • Five-year limited warranty
For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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