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Architectural Edition Powered By JBL, Pair of 8-Inch In-Wall Speakers, AEI80 - Leviton

Architectural Edition Powered By JBL, Pair of 8-Inch In-Wall Speakers, AEI80

  • $268.51

JBL studio monitors have the reputation for incorporating the most advanced audio materials, technologies and precision engineering available. Many of these same features and technologies are built into selected models in the Leviton Architectural Edition Powered by JBL series audio equipment. For home theater applications, the Leviton/JBL AEI65 and AEI80 In-Wall Speakers are an excellent choice for front (left and right) home theater installations as well as the best choice for surround-sound use. Their "Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal" (EOS) Waveguide, based on JBL's renowned line of professional studio monitors, improves high-frequency sound dispersion allowing the in-wall speakers to generate a sharply focused front sound field for precise soundtrack imaging. Whatever the application, when the specs call for JBL In Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL, Pair of 8-Inch In-Wall Speakers.

  • JBL Titanium-laminate drivers for maintaining musical accuracy and clarity even at frequency extremes
  • Straight-line Signal Path (SSP) crossover network for minimal signal distortion
  • Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) Waveguide technology for improved high-frequency dispersion
  • Long-excursion woofers with butyl-rubber half-round surrounds and extended pole-piece magnetic structures for maximum bass impact and dynamic range
  • Low-diffraction - swivel-tweeter mounting system for optimum stereo imaging
For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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