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HLC UPB Non-Dimming Switch, 600-Watt, White, 35A00-3 - Leviton

HLC UPB Non-Dimming Switch, 600-Watt, White, 35A00-3

  • $74.90

Lighting control can enhance the enjoyment and value of your home, add security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on your energy bill. With Leviton Lighting Control (HLC) you can experience all of the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system that is affordable and retrofittable. The HLC product line includes dimmers, switches, remote controls, and plug-in modules. HLC is a modular system, so you can easily add rooms or lights anytime, updating as your needs change. For retrofits or expansion, simply replace the existing light switch with an Leviton'smart” switch as communication occurs over the existing powerline. Save money and energy with HLC. Leviton'systems can automatically set lights to any percentage, saving you money every time a light is turned on. Leviton HLC can be used with or without an Leviton home control system. When HLC is used in conjunction with an Leviton home control system, lights can be scheduled by sunrise/sunset, motion, or event. Additionally, lights can be controlled via remote control, telephone, smartphone, internet, touchscreen, or TV. Wallplate not included. If required, the 600W Non-Dimming Switch may be changed to a dimming switch in the field. 35A00-3 features automatic timeout (when enabled).

  • Full warranty and technical support provided by Leviton
  • Used for controlling non-dimming loads, such as fluorescent lights
  • Switches feature true rocker action. Press and hold to brighten or dim. Press up to turn on. Press down to turn off.
  • LED indicator lights at the top of the switches can be programmed to glow blue, red, magenta, or turned off entirely.
  • Can be used in new or existing homes that have standard electrical wiring. Uses standard Decora wallplate (not included)
For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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