Renu Universal 300-Watt LED & CFL/600-Watt Incandescent/600VA Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer, REL06


Color: White

Renu is the smart way to update the look of a room in a snap, now and later. Designed for do-it-yourselfers, the Renu collection includes GFCIs, switches, dimmers and outlets available in 20 colors to blend in or contrast with any decor. The devices have faces you can snap off and update to create a new look anytime. The latest addition to the collection is the REL06 Renu Universal Dimmer. This device was created specifically for seamless control of dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs, magnetic low voltage (MLV) loads and incandescent lamps. The Renu Universal Dimmer has advanced programming features to select load type, set minimum brightness level and adjust lighting fade rates. Renu fits your lifestyle and adapts to your changing taste.

  • Attractive design, matte finish and available in 20 popular colors to match any decor
  • Compatible with Leviton Renu wallplate REWP1/REWP2/REWP3/REWP4 and Renu color change kits only
  • Dimmer face easily snaps OFF and ON to change color - no rewiring needed
  • Universal Control - works with dimmable LED and CFL bulbs as well as incandescent and magnetic low voltage (MLV)
  • Single pole or 3-way control (3-way used with RE00R Reno coordinating dimmer remote)
  • Digital circuitry provides aesthetically pleasing soft ON and fade OFF


Renu products may take an additional 1-2 days to process

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Color: White