Wi-Fi Bridge for No-Neutral Decora Smart Dimmers and Switches (DN6HD and DN15S), MLWSB-2RW, White


  • FOR HOMES WITHOUT NEUTRAL WIRES: Easy-to-install plug-in that is required to enable My Leviton app smart features for Decora Smart No-Neutral dimmers (DN6HD) and switches (DN15S). Plug it in out of the way, without taking up space on a shelf or desk.
  • EASY INSTALL: Wi-Fi Bridge enables connectivity for up to 25 total Decora Smart No-Neutral devices and associated Anywhere Companions including DN6HD Dimmer, DN15S Switch, DAWDC or DAWSC Anywhere Companions
  • COVERAGE: One Wi-Fi Bridge provides up to 2,500 sq. ft. of coverage in the home; multiple bridges may be used for larger homes; place Wi-Fi Bridge within 50 ft. of Decora Smart No-Neutral Dimmers and Switches
  • CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi Bridge Works With My Leviton, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, and more; Once connected, easily add a Decora Smart No-Neutral Dimmer (DN6HD) or Switch (DN15S) using the My Leviton app
  • COMPATIBILITY: MLWSB Wi-Fi Bridge is only needed to enable connectivity for the DN6HD dimmer and DN15S switch and is NOT REQUIRED for other Decora Smart Wi-Fi 1st and 2nd Gen devices

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