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LevNet RF Wireless, Self Powered, PIR Occupancy Sensor, WSWDR-H9W

LevNet RF Wireless, Self Powered, PIR Occupancy Sensor, WSWDR-H9W

  • $125.00

The LevNet RF™ 902MHz Passive Infrared (PIR) Wall Mount Occupancy Sensor has built-in solar cells that draw on available ambient light to power themselves and can operate for up to 72 hours in total darkness. Batteries are not required. The self-powered wireless sensor design also overcomes the placement and coverage challenges of traditional sensors. Self-powered wireless sensors enable flexible placement, allowing sensors to be mounted where needed without the complexity of moving or installing new wiring.

LevNet RF Wireless, Self Powered, PIR Occupancy Sensor, Interchangeable Lens, Wall Mount, Long Range Lens; 1680 sqft FOV, Wide Angle Lens; 1500 sqft FOV, Minor & Major Motion, 902MHz, 24V connection or battery (CR2032) backup for dark rooms, Title 24 compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant, Title 24 compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

  • Zero Power Consumption — solar cells provide the energy to keep the device on and sensor technology turns the lights off, eliminating additional expenses to the end user’s energy bill
  • Zero Wiring Required — no wire limitations enable the installer to place the sensor in the optimal location of any application to capture minor motion and enhance performance
  • Self-Powered, Self-Charging — energy harvesting solar cells are optimal for light collection
  • Rapid Charge Time to Operation — self-powered technology enables the sensor to be operational after a minimum charge time of 2 minute
  • True Wireless — sensors are self-powered and communicate with all LevNet RF and EnOcean® Receivers via a 902 MHz radio frequency
  • No Additional Wiring — self-powered wireless technology eliminates the need to pull additional wire, making installation quick and easy and increasing labor savings with little to no impact to business during conversion
  • Up to 72 Hours of Stored Power — solar cells provide power to the sensor when no ambient light is available (for extended “OFF” time, an optional battery can be inserted)
  • Advanced Field-of-View — both wide angle and long-range lens options are included for maximum flexibility and efficiency in a variety of settings
  • Improved Aesthetics— blends seamlessly with ceiling décor and architecture
  • Additional Energy Savings — wireless technology supports manual override options with no additional wiring


For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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