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1x16 Premium Amplified CATV Module, 47693-16P



Leviton's Premium CATV Modules are designed to distribute incoming RF signals (Cable TV, HDTV, Antenna or other modulated sources) to 1, 8 or 16 locations throughout a home or office on coaxial cable. The modules incorporate state-of-the-art bi-directional signaling to support advanced interactive communications via a cable modem or cable box as well as standard CATV, antenna and modulated input from such sources as VCRs, DVDs and security camera/CCTVs. The Premium Line optimizes the performance of digital cable signals to handle advanced technologies offered by cable operators, including delivery of HDTV.

  • Digital CATV and HDTV compatible
  • High quality - professional-grade - robust machine-threaded - gold-plated brass ports meet SCTE requirements
  • Distribute CATV - HDTV - antenna - VCR/DVD - Camera/CCTV signals on coaxial cable throughout a home or office
  • 1x16 module has a passive cable modem bypass port for VOIP functionality over cable during power outages
  • Durable aluminum die-cast housing with white powder coating

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