15-Amp, 120-Volt Manual Reset 25 ft. Cord Set, Black & White Plug and Connector, 14/3 SJTW Cord, GFM15-25C



Leviton's Portable GFCI Devices are now sleeker and more rugged than ever! And, while these devices are fully OSHA compliant for use on job sites, they are also perfect for use in a variety of temporary power applications, such as recreation vehicles, marine vehicles, portable pools, portable generators, submersible pumps, vending machines and more.

  • Rainproof, Outdoor rated GFCI Module
  • Fully complies with NEC and OSHA regulations for construction sites
  • Manual reset models require manual actuation to restore power to the connected equipment
  • Open-Neutral Protection immediately trips the GFCI if the neutral conductor on the line side is opened, eliminating the possibility of the load side of the GFCI having a live hot leg
  • Power Indicator lamp goes OFF if GFCI trips, power is interrupted or GFCI is unplugged