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1x6 Passive Audio Module (For Use with Impedance Matched Volume Controls SGVSM), White, 48211-6A



For system connectivity, the Leviton Architectural Edition line offers advanced and innovative audio distribution and control modules that centralize audio distribution connections and make for quicker, more reliable connections. The 1x6 Passive Audio Module is an easy, centralized audio system distribution module that connects up to six pairs of speakers from an entertainment center or amplifier. Just run speaker wire to this passive bridging module and fill multiple rooms with high-quality sound. The 1x6 Audio Distribution Module is a cost-effective way to combine connections for impedance matching volume controls in a passive/two-channel multi-room audio system. It enables connecting up to six impedance-matching volume controls and speaker pairs to a single two-channel amplifier. Combine with Decora Volume Controls to control up to six pairs of speakers from one amplifier or receiver Parallel connection scheme insures the best sound quality User-removable connectors facilitate installation Connects with standard speaker wire Mounts in Leviton's Structured Media Centers

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