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Strauss Transformer, Free Volume Control, White, SGVST-W



Leviton's DECORA® brand Strauss Transformer-Free and Transformer- Free Impedance Matching Volume Controls, combined with premium installed speakers, can be used to design a no compromise installed multi-room entertainment system that delivers the best reproduction possible from today's ultra-wide bandwidth digital sources. In multi-room distributed audio systems, the source of undesirable speaker coloration (usually perceived as a "muffled-inch sound) is often the volume control itself, because the audio transformers (AKA: auto formers) used in conventional controls can actually filter the bass and treble frequencies. The DECORA® brand Strauss Transformer-Free Volume Controls use audio-grade Cermetile resistors to change volume levels while leaving the audio signal unaffected, resulting in ruler-flat frequency response across the entire audible frequency range. Moreover, the DECORA® brand Strauss Transformer-Free Volume Controls eliminate the problem of "saturation-inch associated with conventional volume controls with their ability to instantaneously handle the full peak output power of any consumer-grade amplifier on the market today. The award-winning DECORA® brand Strauss Transformer-Free Matching Controls are available in two versions: regular and Impedance-Matching. DECORA® brand slide control with precision 12-positon switch(including full OFF position) Transformer-Free attenuation technology ensures linear frequency response, signal integrity and high power handling ability Cermetile resistors replace conventional auto formers to preserve audio signal purity Detachable cable connector is compatible with all standard speaker wire sizes (14-18 gauge) DECORA® brand designer styling adds an elegant touch to any decor

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