Toggle Slide Fan Speed Control Switch, 1.5A, 3-Speed, Single Pole or 3-Way, TSF01


Color: White

The Leviton Toggle Slide Quiet Fan Speed Control provides three distinct settings to manage control of fan loads. It combines a Toggle ON/OFF switch with an integraded slide bar for the selection of low, medium or high fan speeds. For a traditional home, the classic style of Toggle Slide Controls offers the ideal way to upgrade the functionality of devices without compromising the character of the décor.

  • 1.5 Amp quiet fan speed control
  • Combines a toggle ON/OFF switch with a contemporary slender slide bar for the selection of low, medium or high fan speeds
  • Ideal in any area where ceiling fan noise could become distracting
  • Integrated linear full-range slide control for easy, precise operation
  • Separate ON/OFF toggle switch that preserves the selected setting
  • Provides single pole (one location) or 3-way (two location) control when paired with a 3-way switch
  • Slim, compact housing fits easily into a standard wallbox
  • Suitable for multi-gang installations
  • No break-off fins for multi-gang installation
  • Available in White, Ivory and Light Almond
  • Built-in radio/TV interference filter


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Color: White