15 Amp, 120 Volt, Decora Single-Pole, AC Combination Switch, Commercial Grade, Non-Grounded, 1755


Color: White

Leviton's 1755 is a Decora styled product with three rocker switches allowing you to control three devices while only taking up one switch's space. You will now be able to add new lights or other device and not worry about needing to cut a new whole in your wall for its switch. This switch also utilizes Leviton's Quickwire technology making setup as easy as simply inserting your wiring into the rear of the switches, spring loaded terminals firmly grasp the wire requiring no extra tightening of screws. This switch also has available side terminals adding more options to your installation. You can insure a proper connection quickly and easily, whether you know nothing about wiring or your an electrician this switch will suit your needs. Wallplate Sold Separately. Quickwire should be used only with copper wiring, side-mount terminal can be used with both copper and copper/aluminum wiring.

  • Elegant Decora brand styling provides multiple control in a single-gang wallbox
  • Impact-resistant thermoplastic and double-wipe contacts
  • Common shunted internally to all switches
  • Single-Pole / Single-Pole / Single-Pole

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Color: White