15 Amp GFCI Cord Set, 25 Foot, Manual Reset, GSCM1-25C



15 Amp, 120 VAC, Self-Test Manual Reset GFCI Cord Set, 25 Foot, 14-3 SJTW Cord, Molded on NEMA Plug 5266-CY (5-15P) and Connector 5269-CY (5-15R), Features Open Neutral Protection, Yellow

  • Satisfies latest UL 943 self-test requirement
  • Improve safety – protect critical personnel from electrical shocks
  • Withstand outdoor conditions – rainproof and outdoor rated devices are OSHA compliant and feature weather-resistant SJTW cables
  • Ideal for – vending machines, construction sites, RV parks, marinas, and spas/hot tubs
  • MANUAL RESET (YELLOW) models require manual actuation to restore power to connected equipment providing an extra level of safety

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