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2/3/4 Room Controller Available, White, WS0RC


Size: 3 Channel

LevNet RF Low Voltage Receivers receive signals from LevNet RF Sensors, Switches, and Transmitters to control lighting, thermostats, and other devices or loads. Wireless, self-powered technologies make them the ideal solution for retrofits and new construction; installation is quick and easy with no additional wiring required. It takes only minutes to install and configure. The LevNet RF LVRX-Micro Shade Controller enables manual and automated control of window shades and blinds using LevNet RF Switches and Sensors. One Shade Controller can control two different shade motors. The LVRX-Micro 2, 3, and 4 Channel Room Controllers provide integrators an easy way to add LevNet RF controls to new or existing systems such as lighting control, security, and more. Room Controllers are excellent for bi-level and scene control applications and offers an easy way to make hard-wired multi-technology sensors wireless. These small transceivers respond to LevNet RF Sensors, Switches, and other Transmitters. The Room Controllers may receive input from wired power packs and sensors to automatically turn off lights when no one is in a room. Additionally, the Room Controllers can extend the reach of wired sensors by wirelessly transmitting sensor status to other LevNet RF Receivers. Reliable range: Integrated EnOcean radio receiver; error checking ensures Receiver only responds to appropriate switches on all packet transfers; communicates with all LevNet RF switches; one Transmitter can control unlimited Receivers within range Easy-to-use: (2) - (3) - or (4) Low voltage output channels; easily add switches for lighting or machine control; run zero switch-leg wires Save energy: Create manual-ON/auto-OFF or master OFF controls to eliminate energy waste Simple wireless control systems: Manual or automatic ON and OFF controls - architectural lighting - day lighting - load shedding - and more

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Size: 3 Channel