25A 2-Pole Smart Standard Hydraulic Magnetic Branch Circuit Breaker, LB225-S



25A 12-Pole Smart Standard Branch Circuit Breaker with Hydraulic Magnetic Trip Technology and Plug-On Installation. 120/240V

  • SMART – Integrated with the My Leviton app, Leviton smart circuit breakers provide insightful data on home energy consumption, enhanced safety, and whole home solutions in conjunction with other smart Leviton products
  • EASY – Leviton's revolutionary design allows the entire Load Center to be wired at rough-in without any circuit breakers present.
  • HYDRAULIC MAGNETIC – Precision trip technology ensures that the main breaker operates as intended from -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F) without re-rating
  • INTUITIVE – LEDs communicate trip condition and type of fault, and remain illuminated even when tripped

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