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4-Channel SLT Transmitter, White, WSSLT-GP0



LevNet RF Transmitters communicate with LevNet RF Receivers that control virtually any ON/OFF device. The Sensors can be used for temperature control and occupancy sensing. Wireless, self-powered technologies make them the ideal solution for retrofits and new construction; installation is quick and easy with no additional wiring required. It takes only minutes to install and configure. The LevNet RF 4-Channel SLT Transmitter connects four general purpose input/output (GPIO) signals from the HVAC to sync with lighting controls and features inputs for 0-30VDC or dry contacts. Replacing wires between an electrical load and a switch with an RF control signal, the SLT connects to a standard switch and controls LevNet RF Receivers. LevNet RF Receivers that are connected to an electrical load and programmed to respond to an SLT will mirror the status of the standard wired switch. Wireless receivers and transmitters sold separately.

  • Easy-to-use: control one or multiple new loads with an existing switch and run zero switch-leg wires
  • Reliable range: error checking ensures response only to appropriate Switches on all packet transfers; repeaters available for added range
  • When the power to the SLT turns on, the SLT sends a wireless signal to one or more LevNet RF Receivers that are connected to electrical loads, turning on the loads
  • One LevNet RF Receiver can respond to up to 30 LevNet RF SLTs
  • The SLT can communicate with an unlimited number of LevNet RF Receivers