Countdown Timer Switch for bathroom household lights, 2-5-10-15 min, No Neutral Required, Single Pole, 15A, 1/2 HP/9.8A Fan/Motor, White, 15-Amp, DT115-1LW


  • CONVENIENT – replace your current wall switch with a countdown timer to automate fan/motor loads and lights. Four preset time buttons, press to turn on and automatically turns off when time expires
  • EASY TO INSTALL – shallow design easily fits in the wallbox. 600W LED/CFL, 1800W Incandescent/Halogen, 1200VA MLV/ELV/Fluorescent, ½ HP/9.8 Amp Fan/Motor, 15A Resistive
  • INNOVATIVE GREEN FLEX SLEEVE – wires to ground when no neutral wire is available or remove green sleeve and connect to a neutral wire if present in wallbox. A ground wire is required for installation
  • DIY FRIENDLY – the device has two black wires that can be interchanged between line and load to help prevent miswiring
  • ENERGY SAVING – ensure lights and fans are not left on unintentionally
  • PRACTICAL – ideal to use for lights in pantries, closets and other small spaces
  • STYLISH – easily change the color using DTKIT faceplates available in white, ivory, light almond, gray, black and brown

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