Decora Occupancy Motion Sensor Light Switch, Auto-On, 15A, Residential Grade, Single Pole, Multi-Way or Multi-Sensor, DOS15



Decora Occupancy Motion Sensor Light Switch. 180° PIR automatic-on, automatic-off, single pole, 3-way or multi-location (multi-way) when used with DD0SR switch companions or multi-sensor with two DOS15 sensors, 600W LED/CFL, 1800W Inc/Halogen 1200VA ELV/MLV/FL, 1/2HP Motor, 15A Resistive, wallplate sold separately. Can be used to comply with 2019 California Title 24, Part 6 Vacancy Control Device Requirements – White with ivory and light almond faceplates included

  • CONVENIENT  turns lights on/off automatically based on motion
  • EASY TO INSTALL – slim profile fits in most wallboxes
  • FLEXIBLE – multi-sensor application where two sensors are needed for the coverage area, such as an “L-shaped” room
  • VERSATILE – for higher wattage fixtures and exhaust fans

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