Decora Smart Dimmer Switch, Z-Wave 800 Series, Neutral Wire Required, ZW6HD-1RW




  • Create an elegant ambiance - set the mood for dinner, dim the lights to create a movie theatre experience, turn the lights down low to wind down for bedtime
  • Know if lights are on and adjust them whether you’re home, at work, or on vacation - control from anywhere using a compatible Z-Wave hub
  • Personalize your lighting - customizable fade rates that gradually turn lighting on or off, or preset light level options to make sure lights always come on at the level you want
  • Use your voice for control without lifting a finger - using a compatible Z-Wave hub
  • Prevent flickering lights - designed for compatibility with dimmable LED bulbs and fixtures with settings to fine-tune performance
  • Control this dimmer from another wall location in your home - pairs with DD00R or DD0SR Wired Dimmer or Switch Companions
  • Increase the reliability of your Z-Wave network - acts as a repeater to strengthen your Z-Wave Mesh network


  • Full range dimming - on/off and dim/bright control of dimmable LED, CFL, Incandescent, Halogen, and MLV lighting
  • Remote access, voice command, and scheduling - as part of a Z-Wave smart home solution
  • Easy Install - replaces your existing switch; wire leads and slim design make install a breeze
  • Let there be light - double press the top rocker to quickly snap on at maximum brightness
  • Lights won’t glow when you turn the dimmer off - “Off Means Off” technology ensures low-wattage LED bulbs don’t glow in the off state
  • Single Pole or 3-Way - works with DD00R Wired Dimmer Companion or a DD0SR Wired Switch Companion
  • Change the color - using DDKIT faceplates available in six colors


  • Requires Neutral Wire
  • Z-Wave Plus Network - 908.40, 908.42, 916.00 MHz
  • Z-Wave Range: 50 feet to the hub or another Z-Wave enabled repeater
  • Supports Z-Wave 8th generation mesh wireless for control of connected lighting with certified Z-Wave hubs
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network; works with other devices displaying the Z-Wave logo; backwards compatible with all generations of Z-Wave devices
  • Meets the Z-Wave specification for the latest in speed, performance, and security
  • Supports SmartStart enrollment when used with a Z-Wave controller that supports SmartStart inclusion.
  • Also supports Network wide inclusion, and Classic inclusion enrollment methods
  • Supports S2 Security and Z-Wave Over-the-Air updates

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