Decora Smart ELV / LED, Phase Selectable Dimmer Switch, Wi-Fi 2nd Gen, Neutral Wire Required, D2ELV


  • Control a wider range of lighting - designed for use with LED and ELV lighting out of the box to add smart dimming control to undercabinet, toe-kick, track, recessed, accent lighting or any application with electronic low voltage (ELV) fixtures
  • Create an elegant ambiance - set the mood for dinner, dim the lights to create a movie theatre experience, turn the lights down low to wind down for bedtime
  • Personalize your lighting - customizable fade rates that gradually turn lighting on or off, or preset light level options to make sure lights always come on at the level you want
  • Automatic softer lighting at night - perfect in your kitchen for a midnight snack or in your bathroom, using My Leviton Night Settings
  • Prevent flickering lights - settings to fine tune performance such as minimum dim/maximum bright settings and control timing
  • The most connected - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home, SmartThings, and Matter
  • Know if lights are on and adjust whether you're home, at work, or on vacation - control from anywhere
  • One switch, many options - use as a dimmer switch or an on/off switch via non-dimmable bulb mode for non-dimmable LED or CFL lighting
  • Single Pole or 3-Way - control this dimmer from another wall location in your home; works with DD00R / DD0SR Wired Companions or use DAWDC / DAWSC Anywhere Companions with no additional wiring needed
  • Easy Install - replaces your existing switch (no hub required); wire leads and slim design make install a breeze, fast guided setup with the My Leviton app