D2MSD Decora Smart Motion Sensing Dimmer, Wi-Fi 2nd Gen, Neutral Wire Required


  • Hands full or can't reach the light switch? Go touch-free by automatically turning lights on when you enter the room
  • Don't worry about leaving lights on - motion sensing turns lights off for you
  • Motion activated lighting - ideal in laundry rooms, closets, pantries, bathrooms, garages, offices, and more
  • Create a comfortable ambiance - full-range dimming lets you adjust lighting to the desired level for your space throughout the day
  • Use your voice for control without lifting a finger - works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit / Siri
  • Know if lights are on and adjust whether you're home, at work, or on vacation - control from anywhere
  • Automatic softer lighting at night - dims the lights low or turns on a built-in guidelight to softly illuminate your way in the dark, ideal for hallways and bathrooms
  • Saves energy - light sensor knows the amount of natural light in the space and only turns on the lights if you need them
  • Personalize your lighting - customizable fade rates that gradually turn lighting on or off, or preset light level options to make sure lights always come on at the level you want
  • Prevent flickering lights - designed for compatibility with dimmable LED bulbs and fixtures with settings to fine-tune performance such as bulb type, min dim, and max bright
  • Make it look like someone's home when you're away - turn on lights randomly for a lived-in look
  • Control this dimmer from another wall location in your home without additional wiring - pairs with DAWDC or DAWSC Anywhere Dimmer or Switch Companions


  • Versatile PIR Motion Sensor - up to 900 sq. ft. of coverage; supports occupancy (automatically turn lights on when you enter and off when you leave) and vacancy modes (press the switch to turn on, automatic-off when you leave)
  • Full range dimming - on/off and dim/bright control of dimmable LED and CFL, Incandescent/Halogen, and MLV lighting
  • Control multiple devices with motion - use My Leviton Room Response to control Decora Smart devices; Use Apple Home to control HomeKit scenes and accessories
  • Motion Snooze - lets you pause motion detection when needed to keep lights on or off temporarily
  • One switch, many options - use as a dimmer switch or an on/off switch, ideal for garages, workshops, or other areas with flourescent lighting
  • Easy Install - replaces your existing switch; wire leads and slim design make install a breeze
  • Simple guided setup - works with the My Leviton app to configure motion settings without complex programming
  • Lights won't glow when you turn the dimmer off - "Off Means Off" technology ensures low-wattage LED bulbs don't glow in the off state
  • Single Pole or 3-Way - works with DD00R Wired Dimmer Companion, DD0SR Wired Switch Companion, DAWDC wire-free Anywhere Dimmer Companion, or DAWSC wire-free Anywhere Switch Companion
  • Requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network; No hub required with My Leviton app
  • Requires Neutral Wire
  • Rated for 120V, 60Hz: Dimmable LED and CFL up to 300W, Incandescent up to 450W, and Magnetic Low Voltage up to 450VA


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A smart home with real support: we provide 2 year warranties out the box on all indoor Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen products as well as US based e-mail, chat, and video support. Also, take advantage of a wide array of online and in-app help resources including how-to videos and articles.