Dual-Relay, Decora Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor, Auto or Manual-On, 180 Degree, 2100 sq. ft. Coverage, Title 24, Almond, ODS0D-TDA



Leviton's ODS0D-TD dual-relay Decora wall switch passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor is used to provide automatic lighting control for energy savings and convenience in a variety of commercial applications, including: class rooms - conference rooms - offices multimedia rooms - day care centers - lounges the ODS0D- ID provides automatic switching of two separate lighting loads from a single unit. It is compatible with incandescent, fluorescent and low-voltage lighting. The unit features dual manual override switches that can be used to toggle the on/off status of each lighting load while an area is occupied. The ODS0D-TD can be installed in place of two single-pole wall switches and fits in a standard single-gang wall box. The unit requires a ground connection for proper operation. The sensor has an adjustable 30 minute time-delay setting for the first relay and second relay. To comply with California energy commission's Title 24, the second relay is a manual on only.

Dual-relay, Decora passive infrared wall switch occupancy sensor, auto-on or manual-on for 1st relay, manual-on for 2nd relay, 180-degree, 2100 sq. ft. coverage., Commercial grade - almond.

  • Wall Plate not included with Occupancy Sensors
  • Controls two separate lighting loads from a single unit
  • Manual ON only for the secondary relay
  • Features new self-adjusting occupancy sensor technology with automatic "walk-through" sensing30-minute maximum time-out delay
  • CEC Title 24 compliant

Decora is a registered trademark of Leviton Mfg. Co., Inc.

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