e2XHD 1RU High-Density Universal Angled Panel, accepts shielded, UTP, and fiber cassettes, E2X1A-S48



The e2XHD Patching System is an easy-to-connect, high-density solution that provides simple termination and improved cable routing for shielded, UTP, and fiber applications. Cassettes quickly snap-in and pull out of the high-density angled panel, making installation easier than ever. Panel covers and blank cassette inserts offer extra protection from dust and damage. Copper cassettes are available on pre-terminated trunks or with field-terminated connectors. Fiber cassettes are pre-terminated.

  • Panels allow a mix-and-match of shielded, UTP, and fiber e2XHD cassettes
  • Alignment tabs ensure upright insertion of cassettes
  • To remove cassettes from the panel, simply pull out the handle using the release latch
  • Rear Cable Manager supports copper or fiber cables, and snaps directly to panel without tools
  • Cassette Blanks available for unused cassette openings

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