e2XHD 1RU High-Density Universal Flat Panel, accepts shielded, UTP, and fiber cassettes, E2X1F-S48



The e2XHD Patching System provides a high-density solution for enterprise and data center applications where fast deployment and simple maintenance are priorities. Cassettes quickly snap-in and pull out of 1RU panels, making installation, moves, adds, and changes easier than ever. A rear cable manager is available to support incoming fiber and copper cables, and blank cassettes snap into the rear of panels to block any unused openings. Copper cassettes are available either on pre-terminated trunks or with field-terminated connectors. Fiber cassettes are pre-terminated.

  • Panels allow mix-and-match of shielded, UTP, and fiber e2XHD cassettes
  • Alignment tabs ensure upright insertion of cassettes
  • To remove cassettes from panel, simply pull out the handle using release latch
  • Rear Cable Manager supports incoming copper or fiber cables and includes cable management rings
  • Blank cassette available for unused cassette openings

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