5-Pack of Grommets for Structured Media Center Knockouts (2) 2" & (3) 1", 49605-GRM


Leviton's 5-pack of grommets for Wireless Structured Media Centers provide protection for cables from the edges of knockouts used for incoming or outgoing cable. The 5-pack includes two grommets for the 2-inch knockouts, and three grommets for the 1-inch knockouts. Grommets include guided slits that can be easily cut to provide the correct opening size for cables. 2-inch Grommet: Inside diameter 2.22", Outside diameter 2.84". 1-inch Grommet: Inside diameter 1.13", Outside diameter 1.75"
  • Grommets provide protection for incoming and outgoing cables through the structured media center knockouts.
  • Grommets have guided slits that can be cut to accommodate differing cable sizes
  • Made of black rubber
  • Made in the USA

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