Keypad, 4 Button, ON/OFF, Controller for use with Provolt™ Room Controllers (PRC), PLVSW-4LW



Provolt Low Voltage Switch, 4 Button. Compatible with 4 Button Color Change Kits (RDGSW-4Ex). Color: White. Includes a matching screwless snap-on wall plate.

Provolt™ Low Voltage Keypads are Decora® devices for controlling non-dimmable and dimmable luminaries connected to Provolt 0-10V Dimming Room Controllers (PRC). The Provolt Keypads provide a unique control station with multi-function capabilities available in 1-, 2- and 4-button configurations with a matching white wallplate. For additional colors, color change kits are available. The Provolt Keypads work in conjunction with the features of the PRCs which offer daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and manual-ON and partial-ON capabilities. • PLVSW-4LW provides 4-button ON/OFF and Dim/Bright control as well as a Full Bright option • The PLVSW-1LW provides 1-button ON/OFF control • The PLVSW-2LW provides 2-button ON/OFF control

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