Whole Home Energy Monitor with One Pair of CTs | Make Your Leviton Load Center Smart | View Whole Home Energy Usage in My Leviton App LWHEM-2R


Leviton’s Whole Home Energy Monitor (LWHEM-2R) is the smart solution for your home’s electrical system. It provides real-time energy consumption data and controls Leviton Smart Circuit Breakers. With inputs for up to three pairs of optional LSMMA Current Transformers (CTs) to measure energy sources, the LWHEM provides an aggregate view of your energy consumption and generation. A set of contact inputs allows integration with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). When paired with Leviton 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers, the LWHEM provides unparalleled control of your home’s electrical system, including alerts for circuit breaker trips, notifications for unusual activity, and the ability to remotely control and schedule circuit breaker.

SMART - Wi-Fi connection provides remote monitoring and control of your Leviton Load Center, OTA firmware updates, and more
INTUITIVE - Monitor whole-home energy consumption and production in real-time and view what power source(s) are powering your home
CONTROL - Remotely control (OFF/ON) Leviton 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers. Program custom schedules for 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breaker activity to conserve energy and avoid running circuits when electricity is its most expensive
FLEXIBLE - When integrated with an Automatic Transfer Switch and compatible backup power system, the LWHEM-2R automatically sheds nonessential 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers when backup power is active, preserving power for essential circuits
WHOLE HOME - The My Leviton app delivers a streamlined Smart Home and Energy Management experience by unifying control, scheduling, and personalization of Leviton Smart Circuit Breakers, Decora Smart Wi-Fi Lighting, and Ev-Green Electric Vehicle Chargers in a single interface

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