LevNet RF Duplex Receptacle for Dual Controlled Outlet (CA Title 24), WSG15-TDZ



The Leviton LevNet RF Receptacle Receiver works in conjunction with EnOcean-enabled Energy Harvesting Wireless Lighting Control Products to provide an optimal solution for retrofit lighting needs. These wireless products combine Leviton's switching technology with self-powered and wireless technologies, developed and licensed from EnOcean. The RF Control System offers scalable, easy-to-install, remote control of appliances and lighting, as well as one-button scene lighting control to create the perfect ambiance. The RF Receptacle Receiver can be installed in place of traditional wall receptacles and fits in a standard single-gang wall box. No additional wiring is required. The receptacles are compatible with lamps, appliances and electronic loads. The RF Receptacle Receiver responds to signals from the RF transmitters switching the relay (controlling the load) on or off. Models include a duplex outlet design with either 1 or 2 controlled receptacles to provide local and remote switching of the lighting load ON/OFF.

  • Both receptacles can be used for wireless ON/OFF control of plugged-in electrical loads up to 15 amps such as lamps, appliances and electronics
  • Responds to LevNet RF Transmitters as well as EnOcean certified transmitters from other manufacturers
  • Tamper-resistant (TR) receptacle
  • Includes white, ivory, light almond, gray and black color change kit faceplates
  • Green locator LED illuminates when load is ON

For more information please visit www.leviton.com