LevNet RF Threaded Mount 3-Wire 1200 Relay Receiver, 277VAC, WST05-020



Leviton LevNet RF Self-Powered Wireless Solutions are easy to install and maintenance-free, reducing ongoing manual work and material costs while saving energy. The LevNet RF line includes multiple products that operate in the uncrowded 315MHz radio frequency (RF) band offering greater transmission range (50-150 -Feet) than other RF technologies with minimal competitive traffic.

LevNet RF, 3-Wire 1200 Relay Receiver, Threaded Mount, 277VAC, Enabled by EnOcean.

Applications: Retrofits, New Construction, Conference rooms, Classrooms, Lounges/Lobbies, Private Offices, Executive Offices, Restrooms, Daycare facilities, Multimedia areas

Power consumption: save 70-percent over other wireless technologies

  • With a 50-150' range, LevNet RF provides the longest reliable range in the industry
  • Programs in seconds, run zero switch-leg or traveler wires
  • Control the Relay Receiver with a variety of devices- Wireless Self-Powered Switches, Sensors, and more

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