Mini SDX Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure, Empty, No lock, 5WMNT-1C



To meet the demands of the Internet of Things (IoT), fog computing, and micro data center environments, the award-winning Leviton Opt-X SDX Mini Wall-Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure expands networking possibilities in a wide range of applications and environments. The space-saving footprint enables applications ranging from traditional telecommunications room patching in an enterprise setting to the implementation of small-scale edge data centers. It provides a compact, zero-RU patching field with a range of mounting options including wall-mount, surface-mount, DIN-rail, and even cubicle walls.

The Mini Wall-Mount Enclosure also allows for more flexibility in traditional inter-connect or cross-connects between cable and active equipment while using minimum wall space. Its features and design allow for easy field termination of fiber connectors, splicing, or pre-terminated plug-and-play solutions

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