Wireless Structured Media Center Multi-Bay Attachment Tube, 49605-TUB



Leviton's Multi-Bay Connector Tube easily fits into the 2-inch knockouts on the top and bottom ends of the Leviton Wireless Structured Media Center. The connector tube creates two fully isolated enclosures, and allows for one or both enclosures connected to be locked, (with 5L000-L0K), for greater security. Easily feed through cable from one connected enclosure to the other, without the possibility of someone reaching through to the other enclosure, possibly disrupting locked away equipment. 

  • Installs into 2" knockout on Leviton structured media centers
  • Enclosures can be stacked using the multi-bay attachment tube accessory, creating two isolated enclosure spaces.
  • Allows routing of cable between 2 structured media centers.
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of white ABS plastic

For more information please visit www.leviton.com