Multi-Technology PIR/Ultrasonic Wall Switch and Occupancy Sensor, Black, OSSMT-GDE



Convenient switch and occupancy sensor combo in sleek Decora style unit. Advanced passive infrared technology provides highly accurate monitoring in a variety of commercial applications. The OSSMD and OSSMT Multi-Tech unit combines passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies to provide maximum sensitivity with immunity to false triggering.

Multi-Technology PIR/Ultrasonic Wall Switch, Occupancy Sensor, Coverage (Sq.-Feet.): 2400 Sq.-Feet, 180 Degree, Black.

  • OSSMT ideal for private and Executive offices, conference rooms, storage areas, restrooms, classrooms, lounges, and training areas, or areas where minor motion is likely to occur
  • Photocell with ambient light override prevents lights from turning on when there is ample natural light
  • Manual override turns lights on at any time regardless of override setting
  • Manual delayed-off-time settings: (10, 20, and 30 minutes) compensates for real-time occupancy patterns, preventing unnecessary ON/OFF switching - with 30-second test mode
  • Single-pole and 3-way wiring

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