Occupancy Sensor with Integrated Photocell, Line Voltage, Dual Relay, Multi-Tech, Ceiling Mount, 1000SF, 120-277V, Provolt™, O2C10-MDW



Occupancy Sensor with Photocell, Provolt™ lighting control, 2 Pole, Line Voltage, 8'-12' Ceiling, Multi-Technology, 1000 sq ft, Daylighting, Auto-Calibration, 120-277V AC/CA 50/60HZ. UL/CE, RoHS & CEC Title 20/24 compliant. Color: White.

The Leviton Provolt™ Dual Relay Occupancy Sensors combine line voltage occupancy sensors and photocells into a self-contained unit. The integrated design alleviates the need for separate power pack and occupancy sensor wiring making it a low-cost, efficient energy solution for new construction and retrofits.

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