ODC Series 2000 Sq. Ft. Multi-Technology Ceiling-Mount Vacancy Sensor, 120-277-Volt, White, O3C20-MDW



The Leviton ODC Series combines line voltage vacancy sensors into a self-contained unit. The integrated design alleviates the need for separate power pack and vacancy sensor wiring making it a low-cost, efficient energy solution for new construction and retrofits. Vacancy timers continually analyze and adjust to changing conditions using the latest microprocessor-based technology to optimize performance. Manual ON/ Auto OFF- requires lights to be manually turned ON and will automatically turn lights OFF when no occupancy is detected. Wire terminals allow for simple connection to a line-voltage circuit and are ideal for existing buildings with limited access to wiring and new construction.

  • Auto-Adapting: Time delay and sensitivity are continually adjusted to occupancy pattern of use
  • Configurable for Manual ON/Auto OFF
  • Exclusive Walk-through Feature: Provides increased energy savings by not leaving the lights ON for an extended period after only momentary occupancy
  • Industry-exclusive self-configuring local manual switch input: Momentary or maintained switches are supported
  • Adjustable Time Delay: 30s, 5min, 10min, 20min, 30min

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