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Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module, 6-way, 47690


Size: 1x6 Splitter

Use 6-way 1GHz Passive Video Splitters and Passive Video Splitter Modules to split digital cable, quality cable TV and off-air signals to 6 televisions throughout a home or office. The Video Splitter Modules are designed for easy installation in any Leviton 140, 280 or 420 Structured Media Enclosure. The Video Splitters are easily installed in Leviton MDU Enclosures or used in any application where a passive video splitter is needed. These units feature die-cast housings and printed circuit board construction.

  • Split video signals with outputs for 6 televisions
  • Provide digital cable - cable TV and other video services via coaxial cable to any room in a house or office
  • Size: 1.14"(29.0mm)H x 3.36" (85.3mm)W x 1.66"(42.1mm)D
  • Durable gold-plated 360 insert pin resists oxidation - maintaining distortion-free signal for digital data transmission
  • Weather sealed F-ports up to 30 P.S.I

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Size: 1x6 Splitter