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Photo Cell Outdoor Sensor, 1.85-Inch High, 1.28-Inch Diameter, White, PCOUT



Leviton's Photocells are sensors used to precisely monitor either task or ambient light levels. As part of a Leviton lighting control system, photocells work with other components in the system to automatically adjust light levels to a user defined level. The photocell is most suitable for installation in rooms with windows and open spaces receiving substantial ambient light. Photocells must be hardwired to a compatible Leviton lighting control system. The photocell measures ambient light in a specific area and sends this data to a dimmer or relay that, in turn, adjusts fixtures to a constant lighting level as measured in that specific area. This is called Daylight Harvesting when lights in a room (with windows or significant, artificial ambient light) will automatically brighten or dim depending on how much light the photocell detects. With Daylight Harvesting, ambient (often natural) light supplements in-room, artificial light in order to keep a constant lighting level while saving electricity. This constant level is programmed into a compatible control device. Once hardwired to the photocell, the dimmer or relay will receive the photocell's real-time light measurement and maintain a steady level within the photocell's area of detection. The Outdoor photocell is enclosed in a weatherproof housing with a visor for shading and lens protection. The Atrium and Skylight photocells both use diffusing dome lenses to provide a 180 degree angle of response.

Photo Cell Outdoor Sensor, Flat Lens, Clear Filter, 1/2-Inch IPT Mount, Horizontal Orientation, 1.85-Inch Height, 1.28-Inch Diameter, White.

PCOUT outdoor photocell with flat clear lens is set at a default of 0-250fc The maximum upper limit is 750fc PCOUT has a 1/2" IPT connection for horizontal mounting It also features a weather proof housing.

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