Plug-on Feed Through Lug Accessory, LFTLA



The Feed Through Lug accessory facilitates the installation of sub-panels in combination with Leviton Load Centers that do not have sub-feed lugs already installed. This product has a short circuit rating of 22kA for Main Breaker panel applications, and 10kA for Main Lug panel applications - Black

​Leviton is proud to bring the Load Center into the 21st century with a focus on improved safety and ease of installation. Thanks to its revolutionary design, all hot and neutral wires terminate at custom lugs in the panel, rather than at the circuit breaker*, which allows the entire panel to be wired at rough-in. Branch circuit breakers are simply plugged-in at final installation, increasing jobsite efficiency. Leviton offers a full line of accessories to meet every need when installing the Leviton Load Center. Locking devices, lugs, ground and neutral bar kits, conduit hubs, sealing rings and more are all available to ensure an accurate and quick installation.

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