Provolt Single 1-10V Photocell with single/dual relay ON/OFF, PCCSD-W



Leviton Provolt™ Line Voltage Photocell is a first of- its-kind, self-contained mini daylight harvesting system offering the functionality of a 1-10V dimming photocell combined with the robustness of a Leviton power pack. Ideal for daylight harvesting applications and lighting control in airports lobbies, commercial lobbies, conference rooms and classrooms. The integrated design eliminates the need for additional components such as a separate power pack and low voltage photocell making it a low-cost, efficient energy solution for new construction and retrofits. The Provolt Line Voltage Photocell uses patented daylighting design level technology to autocalibrate a room or corridor for a more accurate daylight harvesting operation. The photocell maintains the architectural lighting design level through calculation and measurement of ambient (natural and artificial) lighting and fine dimming adjustment. For installers, the Provolt Line Voltage Photocell provides a simple all-in-one solution for new construction and flexible retrofitting. This revolutionary photocell auto-detects existing momentary or maintained switches and will work automatically with either. The photocell also complies with growing energy regulations and includes a connection for emergency lighting and demand response to meet California Title 24 and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2010. Models: Single 1-10V dimming with single relay ON/OFF for single zone day/night single office or corridor Dual 1-10V dimming with dual relay ON/OFF for two zone classroom or large space Single 1-10V dimming with single/dual relay ON/OFF for single zone large office space or corridor

Line Voltage Ceiling Mount Photocell. Low profile: Set/Off, Fade Rate: 30 Min, Demand Response: 75% (MFG Range 1-1600FC), Title 24 Compliant, ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant

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