SDX Pigtail Fusion Fastsplice™ Module, SPSCS-12


Color: Aqua

Pre-loaded with duplex SC adapters (Aqua) and 12-fiber OM3 SC/PC individual pigtails. Includes 40mm splice sleeves.

  • Module integrates fiber adapter bulkhead (12 or 24 fibers) and splice holders, eliminating the need of splice trays
  • Offered in single-mode (OS2) UPC & APC and laser optimized multimode (OM3) fiber types
  • Other fiber types available as special orders
  • Individual compartments provide slack storage and bend radius guides for respective backbone cable, 900 μm tight buffer pigtails, and fusion-spliced fibers
  • 12-fiber, color-coded 900 μm tight buffer pigtails are 1 meter and pre-loaded in module per specific configuration
                                        Color: Aqua