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Series 2000 277/480V 3P4W 400A Outdoor kWh Meter Kit with 3 Split Core CTs, 2O480-4W - Leviton

Series 2000 277/480V 3P4W 400A Outdoor kWh Meter Kit with 3 Split Core CTs, 2O480-4W

  • $942.32

The Leviton Series 2000 line of revenue-grade meters meets all measurement and verification based opportunities - including load management and LEED rating achievement. Designed to provide a simple and effective process for accurately capturing measurements of power consumption, Series 2000 Meters are easy to specify and install for new construction and retrofits. Leviton meters utilize highly accurate current transformers for revenue-grade performance certified to ANSI standards. Competing products use current sensors that do not provide the same level of performance. Leviton offers CTs in solid and split core styles to accommodate all phases of installation and construction. Solid core CTs are ideal for new construction, when power is not live and wires can easily be threaded through the core.

Split core CTs can be installed at any time without having to disconnect wire terminations, making them the optimal choice for retrofitting an existing structure. Split core CTs close securely for fast, precise installation with no need for time-consuming tie wraps and no worries about improper seating or core half separation. Both solid and split core CTs offer high quality, long term accuracy and reliability. Every Series 2000 Meter has an installer-friendly feedback feature. The red reverse phase indicator acts as an installation diagnostics tool and illuminates if a meter is improperly installed. After installation, the green duty cycle light shows that the meter is collecting electrical consumption data at the appropriate rate. All 100 and 200 Amp solid core CTs have color-coded labels to easily identify correct line/load orientation.

  • Measures kWh and demand (optional)
  • Certified to all applicable standards of ANSI C12.1
  • Equipped with both Isolated Pulse Output and RS-485 Serial Port (Modbus Native) standard for easy interface with most AMR and BAS systems
  • Utilizes revenue grade 0.3 accuracy class 0.1A secondary solid core current transformers (CTs) that conform to all applicable ANSI requirements or 1-Percent accuracy split-core CTs
  • Up to three sets of CTs per phase can be paralleled per meter
For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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