Energy Efficient Products

Surface and Ceiling Mount Photocell, Indoor 0-70fc, Low Voltage, 24VDC, White, ODC0P-W



Leviton's photocells are sensors used to precisely monitor either task or ambient light levels. As part of a Leviton lighting control system, photocells work with other components in the system to automatically adjust light levels to a user defined level. The photocell is most suitable for installation in rooms with windows and open spaces receiving substantial ambient light. Photocells must be hardwired to a compatible Leviton lighting control system. The photocell measures ambient light in a specific area and sends this data to a dimmer or relay that, in turn, adjusts fixtures to a constant lighting level as measured in that specific area. This is called daylight harvesting when lights in a room (with windows or significant, artificial ambient light) will automatically brighten or dim depending on how much light the photocell detects.

Leviton ODC0P-W photocell - indoor 0-70FC - low voltage, 24VDC.

  • Either surface mount or ceiling.
  • Provides convenient - automatic hands-free lighting control
  • Lowers electric bills by reducing usage of lighting where ambient natural light is also present
  • Measures light from any source in the visible spectrum within a 60 degrees cone or 180 degrees angle of response depending on the model
  • The Fresnel lens is used to reduce the influence of stray light striking the photocell from nearby windows or incidental side lighting