Type 1 Surge Protective Panel SPD, Gray, R2120-B


R Series Type 1 Surge Panel, 120/240 VAC, Split Phase, Max Surge Current Rating of 18kA per Mode/36kA per Phase, 200kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR), 10kA I-nominal (ln) Rating, NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure, Thermally Protected MOVs, VPR Performance Data = L-N: 700, L-L: 1200, Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV): 180/360V, Plastic Enclosure, LED Status Monitoring, UL 1449 Listed, White
  • Leviton surge protective devices (SPDs) divert damaging voltage transients, or surges, away from electronic equipment
  • Designed for RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS, the R Series is compact in size and easy to install
  • Article 230.67 of the 2020 NEC requires all services supplying dwelling units to be provided with an SPD. The SPD must be a Type 1 or Type 2 SPD.
  • Article 230.67 of the 2023 NEC EXPANDED on the 2020 requirements to dormitory units, guest rooms and guest suites of hotels and motels, and additional areas to require Type 1 or 2 surge protection

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