VerifEye Series 8000 Commercial & Industrial Multiple Point High Density Smart Meter, Phase Config 8x3 with Termination Enclosure, S8UTS-83



The VerifEye Series 8000 Multiple Point Meters are designed to meter multi-tenant office buildings, medium-sized retail, institutional, multitenant residential and other high density applications. VerifEye Series 8000 meters provide twenty-four meter elements that can be configured as any combination of 1 phase, 2 phase or 3 phase meters or monitors. VerifEye Series 8000 meters combine revenue-grade electrical submetering with building automation communications technology, complying with all regulatory electric safety and communications requirements and meeting stringent ANSI 0.5 Accuracy Class standards. VerifEye Series 8000 meters transmit data over ModBus and BACnet connections to form an open protocol network.Building automation integration and tenant metering. Multiple point meter-installation and hardware-savings. Provides multiple electric loads in one device. Measures kilowatt hours, kW demand, volts, amps. Configurable via Ethernet or simple ModBus RTU network to BMS or VerifEye software solutions for tenant billing or measurement & verification (M&;V)

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