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Wireless Self-Powered PIR Occupancy Sensor, White, 450 or 1500 Sq. Ft Coverage Available, WSC04-I0W


Size: 450 Sq Ft

The Leviton line of wireless occupancy sensors (WSXX-I0W) work in conjunction with the wireless wall switch receiver (WSS10-xDX) and the wireless self-powered remote switch (WSS0S-P0X). These wireless products combine Leviton's occupancy sensing technology with self-powered and wireless technologies, developed and licensed from EnOcean. The wireless occupancy sensors have a built-in solar cell that draws on available room light to power itself and can operate for up to 48 hours without the need for batteries or external power in standard manual-on/auto-off mode. Batteries are required for continuous uninterrupted auto-on operation. The sensors use a small detector located directly behind a unique multi-zone optical lens. This exclusive Fresnel lens establishes dozens of zones of detection, which can be configured (manual masking) to block out unwanted traffic zones (i.e. Outside hallway traffic). The sensors respond to any source of heat within the range of detection, including the heat emitted by the human body, however, the sensor is only triggered when the source of heat moves from one zone of sensing to another. Stationary heat sources will not trigger the sensor. Wireless self-powered PIR occupancy sensor No Additional Wiring Occupancy sensors are shipped in manual-on/auto-off default mode from the factory Solar panel provides up to 48 hours of power to the occupancy sensor when no ambient light is available Provides increased energy savings by not leaving the lights on for an extended period after momentary occupancy Uses minimum components for maximum reliability and low cost

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Size: 450 Sq Ft