Decora Evolve™ Motion Sensor Module, VMOS1-1W



No more fumbling for a switch when your hands are full of laundry or you’re entering a dark garage. The Motion Sensor module gives you hands-free control of any light switch in your new home.

  • HANDS-FREE - Senses when you enter and leave a room — adjusting the lights accordingly
  • ENERGY-SAVING - Ambient light detection prevents lights from turning on when there’s enough sun to light the room
  • ADJUSTABLE - Control the sensitivity range to make sure the lights don’t turn on too soon or too late
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Turn on vacancy mode to automatically turn off lights when a room is no longer in use – while maintaining manual control to turn the lights on

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Never without a charge

Power devices from anywhere in your home. A dual USB-A / USB-C® charger can be easily added to any Decora Evolve switch or outlet.

Set the mood

Dim the lights for a romantic dinner. Set the stage for movie night. Or lower the lights for bedtime routines with a Smart Dimmer Module.

Hands-free magic

Never enter a dark entryway, hallway, pantry, or closet again. The Motion Sensor Module activates lights when you enter a room – and turns them off when you’re gone.

Navigate the night

No matter what keeps you up at night, you can safely light your way with the soft glow of the Night Light Module. 

We've Got Your Back

A smart home with real support: we provide 2 year warranties out the box on all indoor Decora Evolve products as well as US based e-mail, chat, and video support. Also, take advantage of a wide array of online and in-app help resources including how-to videos and articles.